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Thompson Technique

What is the Thompson Technique?

You might also hear this called the "Thompson Drop Table Technique" or the "Thompson Diversified Technique".


The technique uses an adjusting table with segmented drops. These drops lower various parts of the patient's spine quickly, either in the dorsal, lumbar, or pelvic areas, depending on which area is being treated. The quick drops allow your chiropractor to adjust your spine at a quicker speed, using minimal amount of force to do it.


The initial adjustment begins the movement of the spine, and the drop of the table takes the area of the spine being worked on through its full range of motion. This promotes better, easier, more accurate adjustments, and swifter healing. 

Thompson Technique being done on a drop table

When you come in for an appointment using this unique and widely accepted technique, you will lay face down on the table, with no need to take off any clothes. You can also wear your shoes for this treatment. This allows for an easier leg check, to give a common reference point to the doctor of where the heel and shoe are joined on each foot.


Leg check is a big part of the treatment. The doctor looks at your legs in their extended position, and will then ask you to flex them to allow the doctor to compare them.


This allows the doctor to notice any difference in the lengths of your legs. Adjustments done with the table can even up leg length differences, which makes your whole body more relaxed and work more fluidly and easily.


After your legs are compared, the adjustment will be done, with the help of the table's various drop pieces. The drop piece to be used on you is set to correspond to your weight. The doctor will then adjust your spine while also releasing the drop piece so it drops as the doctor adjusts.


This removes misalignments of the spine in a much easier, gentle way than traditional chiropractic adjustments. This is why some patients prefer this technique to others.

Learn about the four techniques used by our clinic for chiropractic adjustments and get some answers to some frequently asked questions our patients have about chiropractic care.

A leg check being performed during the Thompson Technique

Thompson Technique FAQ

1. How does the segmented table aid as a diagnostic tool?

One telltale sign of musculoskeletal misalignment is the appearance of unequal leg length. By lying down on the table with your legs straight out, we can observe any differences in the way your heels line up, indicating the need for further chiropractic evaluation and treatment.

2. How does your chiropractor use the Thompson Drop Table during adjustments?

The part of your body to be treated rests over a segment of the table to be dropped, with our chiropractor's hand resting on the area. We then drop the table segment while the adjustment is performed.


The vertical drop makes the adjustment even more effective while ensuring that your body receives the minimal amount of thrust force. This allows for uniquely gentle and comfortable adjustment.

3. Do you combine the Thompson Technique treatment with other treatment techniques?

As with other chiropractic techniques, the Thompson Technique can be complemented and enhanced by other natural healing modalities that we offer. We will create a comprehensive plan for you when you start your treatment at A Family Chiropractic Office.

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